Fernando Sánchez Rodrigo

Head of the Climate Change Team - Solar Energy Resources, Climatology and Physics of the Atmosphere
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Fernando Sánchez Rodrigo

I studied Physics at the University of Granada. I have a PhD in Physics from the University of Granada (1994). I have been a pre-doctoral fellow at the UGR, associate professor at the UGR and at the UAL, doing research related to climate variability and climate change, and I have taught General Physics and Meteorology and Climate Change. Since 2000 I am full professor at the UAL in the area of Applied Physics (Dept. of Chemistry and Physics). My teaching focuses on Meteorology and Climate Change. I teach Meteorology and Climate Change in the Environmental Sciences Degree and Climate Change in the Master in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services of the UAL and Climate Risks in the Master in Geophysics and Meteorology of the UGR.

In October 2014 I was the Organizer of the IX Congress of the Spanish Association of Climatology, which was held at the University of Almeria. Likewise, I have participated in the evaluation and review of I+D+I projects and articles since 2010, and as a reviewer of research articles in several international journals (International Journal of Climatology, Climatic Change, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Atmospheric Research, Climate Research, Journal of Geophysical Research, Journal of Arid Environments, Atmosphere).

I have been an associate editor of the journal Geosciences since 2020.


My research interests focus on climate change and historical climatology.

RESEARCH GROUP: Solar Energy Resources, Climatology, Physics of the Atmosphere (TEP-165)


  • Physics of climate
  • Climate variability
  • Climatic extremes
  • Climate change and historical climatology


  • Mediterranean Climate Variability (MedCLIVAR)
  • Climate History Network
  • Asociación Española de Climatología


Project Name: Climate variability, trends and extremes in the Mediterranean slope of the Iberian Peninsula since the 16th century. Analysis using multiproxy and instrumental information

  • Organization: University of Zaragoza
  • Scope of the project: National
  • Quality in which he/she has participated: Researcher
  • Researcher(s) in charge: Jose María Cuadrats, Miguel Angel Saz Sánchez
  • Number of researchers: 16
  • Funding entity/ies: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
  • Funding code: CGL2015-69985-R
  • Start date: 2016 - End date: 2019
  • Total amount: 127,000 €.

Project name: Experimental design of indicators and methodology of the monitoring program of the effects of global change in arid and semi-arid areas of the Andalusian Levant. CLIMA subproject

  • Organization: University of Almeria
  • Scope of the project: National
  • Quality in which he/she has participated: Researcher
  • Researcher(s) responsible: Fernando Sánchez Rodrigo
  • Number of researchers: 2
  • Funding Entity/ies: Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Junta de Andalucía
  • Funding code: GLOCHARID
  • Start date: 03/01/2010 - End date: 10/31/2012
  • Total amount: 50,000 €.


The Influence of Meteorological Conditions on the Yellow Fever Epidemic in Cádiz (Southern Spain) in 1800: A Historical Scientific Controversy Recovering Climate Data from Documentary Sources: A Study on the Climate in the South of Spain from 1792 to 1808 New documentary data on the climate in Southern Spain from 1792 to 1808 Current European flood-rich period exceptional compared with past 500 years Unlocking pre-1850 instrumental meteorological records: a global inventory Early meteorological data in southern Spain during the Dalton Minimum The climate of Granada (southern Spain) during the first third of the 18th century (1706-1730) according to documentary sources Coherent variability between seasonal temperatures and rainfalls in the Iberian Peninsula, 1951–2016 Observed Changes in Daily Precipitation Extremes at Annual Timescale Over the Eastern Mediterranean During 1961–2012 Spatial and temporal analysis of drought variability at several time scales in Syria during 1961–2012 A review of the little ice age in Andalusia (Southern Spain): Results and research challenges Impactos de la variabilidad climática: las inundaciones de Sevilla en la década de los 1780 Covariability of seasonal temperature and precipitation over the Iberian Peninsula in high-resolution regional climate simulations (1001–2099) Meteorological affections: Medicine and meteorology in Andalusia, 1754-1852 Trends in surface air temperatures, precipitation and combined indices in the southeastern Iberian Peninsula (1970-2007) On the covariability of seasonal temperature and precipitation in Spain, 1956–2005 Climatic information of Western Sahel (1535–1793 AD) in original documentary sources Early Spanish meteorological records (1780–1850) Circulation types and extreme precipitation days in the Iberian Peninsula in the transition seasons: Spatial links and temporal changes Spring and summer extreme temperatures in Iberia during last century in relation to circulation types Trends in seasonal indices of daily temperature extremes in the Iberian Peninsula, 1929-2005 Wintertime circulation types over the Iberian Peninsula: long-term variability and relationships with weather extremes Completing the early instrumental weather record from Cádiz (Southern Spain): New data from 1799 to 1803 Climate variability in Andalusia (southern Spain) during the period 1701–1850 based on documentary sources: evaluation and comparison with climate model simulations 500 Years of rainfall variability and extreme hydrological events in southeastern Spain drylands Changes in the probability of extreme daily precipitation observed from 1951 to 2002 in the Iberian Peninsula
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