A review of the little ice age in Andalusia (Southern Spain): Results and research challenges

Año Publicación:  2018
Responsable: F. Sánchez-Rodrigo
Journal, Volumen y páginas:
Geographical Research Letters, 44 (1), 245–265


F. Sánchez-Rodrigo


Andalusia (southern Spain) is a region of special climatic interest due to its geographical location, hydrological and orographical characteristics. In this work a summary of different approaches to study the Little Ice Age in this region is presented. From different proxy data (lake and marine sediments, geomorphological evidences, tree-rings, documentary data), it is possible to obtain the main characteristics of this climatic episode, with predominance of colder and wetter conditions than today and great variability. However, some uncertainties persist, related to the chronological limits of the LIA in the region, the variability of thermal and rainfall conditions, and different time resolution of various proxy data analysed. These problems are discussed and future research challenges are proposed.

Keywords: Little Ice Age; climate variability; Andalusia; proxy data

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