Photo contest "How do you see the Anthropocene"

The Natural Heritage, Biodiversity and Global Change Foundation and the Faculty of Experimental Sciences of the University of Almeria organize the Photography Contest "How do you see the Anthropocene".

The set of environmental changes resulting from human activities that we are currently witnessing has led to the recognition that we are facing a new era in Earth's history, the so-called "Anthropocene". The unprecedented pace of change that characterizes this new era raises serious concerns about our well-being, often leading to dystopian visions of the future. However, in order to bring about societal change that will enable us to move towards sustainability, we need visions of the future that paint a realistic and optimistic picture of a world in which we care for ecosystems while developing as a society. Such a future is likely to involve a fundamental change in human-nature relations, including changes in values, cultures, worldviews, and even in the power and gender relations that influence social behavior. Although it is attractive to envision a future different from today's world, its formulation is very difficult in the face of the continuous evidence we receive of environmental deterioration.

From the Andalusian Center for the Evaluation and Assessment of Global Change we promote this contest to help us visualize current examples of a future with this positive outlook. Participate!

Deadline for submission of works: from 00:00 hours on May 3, 2021 until 23:59 hours on May 23, 2021. Contest rules.

You can see the exhibition of the works presented:

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