Our secretary Maria Jacoba Salinas invited to the radio program "Mujeres 10".

The program Mujeres 10, broadcasted on UniRadio Jaén (University of Jaén's radio station) whose theme is scientific dissemination, is a radio program promoted by the Atalaya Project, whose director is Julio Ángel Olivares Merino, and in its last edition, the fourth, under the slogan "Creativamente(s) Sostenibles", counted, among other guests, with the presence of the secretary of our center, the CAESCG, Maria Jacoba Salinas Bonillo, who spoke about plant biodiversity and the environment.

This radio program aims to give visibility and value to the work carried out by Andalusian women researchers working in the environmental field, whether teaching and/or researching, supporting institutions or creating different groups.

In addition, this edition, focused on the environment and sustainability, aims to raise environmental awareness and sensitization of the population on the vital need to opt for an attitude that reduces, and even, if possible, avoids, the current environmental impact we cause on our planet, acting in a more sustainable way.

Links to access the program and the interview:

UniRadio Jaén

Canal de YouTube Mujeres 10

Spotify Mujeres 10

Interview with Maria Jacoba Salinas Bonillo Video YouTube

Interview with Maria Jacoba Salinas Bonillo Spotify

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