What empirical research evidence exists on the multiple impacts of farming systems in urban and peri urban areas? - a systematic map protocol

Año Publicación:  2022
Responsable: J. L. Vicente-Vicente et al.
Journal, Volumen y páginas:


J. L. Vicente-Vicente, Z. Saad, B. Walthall, A. Piorr, M. D. López-Rodríguez, C. Quintas-Soriano et al.


There is currently a global discussion on how to increase both food security and food
self-sufficiency under the frame of creating more sustainable and resilient food
systems. While most of the research on farming interventions has been focused on
shifting management practices in rural landscapes, where the majority of the food is
produced, less research on urban and peri-urban farming interventions has been
developed. However, urban and peri-urban farming interventions have been focused
not only on producing food, but also on improving sustainability or social outcomes
from these initiatives. Furthermore, in recent years, technological innovations
especially in urban farming have appeared in order to be able to increase food
production with no soil or by significantly reducing the land footprint.

We will search a suite of bibliographic databases, web-based search engines and
organisational websites for relevant research literature. We will screen identified and
retrieved articles at one stage (title and abstract), according to a predefined set of
inclusion/exclusion criteria. The consistency of these criteria will be checked in order
to ensure that they can be operationalised.
We will extract detailed information on the farming systems, outcomes and strategies,
as well as descriptive information about the articles. We will visualise this database
on an Evidence Atlas, identifying knowledge gaps and clusters by using heat maps.

Evidence synthesis; food production; city-region food system; food self-sufficiency;

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