Social media photo content for Sierra Nevada: a dataset to support the assessment of cultural ecosystem services in protected areas

Año Publicación:  2020
Responsable: A. Ros-Candeira et al.
Journal, Volumen y páginas:
Nature Conservation 38:1-12


A. Ros-Candeira, R. Moreno-Llorca, D. Alcaraz-Segura, F. J. Bonet-García & A. S. Vaz


This dataset provides crowd-sourced and georeferenced information useful for the assessment of cultural ecosystem services in the Sierra Nevada Biosphere Reserve (southern Spain). Data were collected within the European project ECOPOTENTIAL focused on Earth observations of ecosystem services. The dataset comprises 778 records expressing the results of the content analysis of social media photos published in Flickr. Our dataset is illustrated in this data paper with density maps for different types of information.


Biosphere reserve, cultural ecosystem service, nature-based experience, social media content, social-ecological research

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