Resultados preliminares de la monitorización termo-gaseosa en Cueva del Agua, Cartagena

Año Publicación:  2020
Responsable: J. L. Llamusí et al.
Journal, Volumen y páginas:
Edición digital CENM-naturaleza


J. L. Llamusí, A. Ros, A. Fernández-Cortes, J. M. Calaforra, F. Gázquez & J. A. Soto


Preliminary results obtained in Phase I of the Thermal Research 2019 project, this project analyzes the
dynamics of the climate of water and air in Cueva del Agua - Cartagena, this cavity is mostly flooded and
the waters maintain temperatures around 29 ° C coming from a thermal aquifer. For a year, water
temperatures are recorded at various fixed points in the cavity every 15 minutes, while data on the
temperature of the Mediterranean are obtained by comparing them daily.
The first data obtained on the temperature of the water are presented, which indicate a constant thermalism in the Cueva del Agua, with a temperature of 29.2 ° C, from the active thermal aquifer that contributes to the Mediterranean. There is a difference with the temperature of the Mediterranean and local scale (19.2 °C). After these analyzes, it has been verified that the cave maintains its thermalism in the studied area without external thermal influences.

Keywords: Thermalism, temperatures, hydrothermal karst, underwater cave.

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