Earth Observations of Human-Nature Interactions from a Cultural Ecosystem Service Perspective

Año Publicación:  2022
Responsable: A. S. Vaz et al.
Journal, Volumen y páginas:
Human-Nature Interactions pp 85–99


A. S. Vaz, R. Moreno-Llorca, C. Carvalho-Santos, A. S. Cardoso, J. P. Honrado, J. Cabello & D. Alcaraz-Segura


Reconciling nature conservation and cultural ecosystem services (CES) has become fundamental to manage mountain protected areas. The timely monitoring of CES opportunities at large scales is therefore a pressing need. We combined social media data and Earth observations (EO) into a multi model inference framework to assess CES opportunities in two contrasting mountain Biosphere Reserves in Southern Europe: Peneda-Gerês (Portugal) and Sierra Nevada (Spain). EO indicators expressing people’s accessibility to leisure elements and landscape visual-sensory characteristics appear to be effective candidates for the monitoring of attributes underlying CES. Our findings recognise EO as complementary tools to socio-cultural approaches for the evaluation of CES, aiding stakeholders in their management decisions focused on the resilience and sustainability of mountain protected areas.

Keywords: Cultural ecosystem services, Protected areas, Recreation and tourism, Satellite remote sensing, Social media

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