Collection of pesticide application data in view of performing Environmental Risk Assessments for pesticides

Año Publicación:  2015
Responsable: D. Garthwaite et al.
Journal, Volumen y páginas:
EFSA Supporting Publications, 2015:EN-84, 246 pp


D. Garthwaite, C. Sinclair, R. Glass, A. Pote, M. Trevisan, et al.


In response to the Regulation 1107/2009, The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) funded a project to address cumulative exposure to plant protection products (PPPs) and the potential combined non-target effects of multiple applications of PPPs by means of carrying out surveys in eight EU Member States (MS), using a specifically designed survey form. The eight MS represent the Northern(Lithuania), Central (Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom) and Southern (Greece, Italy and Spain) regulatory zones. This project built upon on knowledge and experience of the previous EFSA pilot survey performed in six EU MS (CTF/EFSA/PPR/2010/04). Existing PPP usage surveys throughout the EU provide little information on how the products are applied by operators or details of mitigation measures used to reduce exposure(e.g. personal protective equipment), hours worked or specific times of applicationor other working activities performed by the operatorthat may contribute to the exposure. The PPP surveys in this project have collected in excess of 36,000rows of information on awide range of factors for operators such as the number of hours worked each day for specific the principle operator on over 400 farms, other worker activities, personal protective equipment (PPE) usedand thedetails of 645 sprayers. The risk of exposure from combined toxicity resulting from the cumulative non-dietary exposure of operators to multiple active substances used for crop protection canbe determined from such data. Together with the principal operator information, nine crops, some for direct consumption and some for processing, were selected and each MS collated information on 20 fields (one crop per farm) for between two and five crops, with at least two MS collecting information on each crop.These fields (582) were designated ‘environmental fields’ and information was collected on the multiplepesticide applicationsto that field in 2013and, where possible,for the previous fouryears, together with information concerning in-and off-field margin characteristics.

Keywords: acumulative, mixtures, pesticides, operator, worker, survey, exposure, PPE, conceptual model1Question No EFSA-Q-2012-00297.

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