Bioeconomy as a transforming driver of intensive greenhouse horticulture in SE Spain

Año Publicación:  2021
Responsable: F. J. Egea et al.
Journal, Volumen y páginas:
New Biotechnology 61, 50–56


F. J. Egea, M. D. López-Rodríguez, P. Oña-Burgos, A. J. Castro & C. R. Glass


Bioeconomy is becoming the main driver transforming European agri-food value chains towards global sustainability in the food supply chain. Intensive horticultural production systems based on medium and low-tech greenhouses are suitable scenarios implementing bioeconomy strategies to achieve sustainability targets. Since the publication of the European Strategy of Bioeconomy in 2012, policy measures intended to boost bioeconomy are responsible for changing what are now considered outdated production systems to more high-tech models capable of responding to climate-change challenges. This article describes the potential for the agri-food supply chain to drive the transition of medium and low-tech intensive greenhouse systems to biobased, circular economy value-chains. Key areas of impact relate to waste valorisation and management, new inputs based on biotechnological innovations, building clusters of innovative delivery partners within the sector, and the increase in public awareness of the impact of the bioeconomy through socio-economic analysis.

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