V AmBioBlitz of the University of Almeria

On the occasion of the celebration of the V AmBioBlitz of the University of Almeria, held yesterday and today, and organized by the Center for Scientific Collections of the University of Almeria - CECOUAL, our center the CAESCG, participated on Friday, among the many activities that this event has, in the Café Con Ciencia, a scientific meeting where each host, in our case our director Javier Cabello Piñar and secretary Maria Jacoba Salinas Bonillo, talk about a research topic with small groups of high school students, with the aim of sharing experiences and bring the youngest to research. Maria introduced these young people to the topic of biological invasions, while Javier did so on nature-based solutions.

A great activity, with an entertaining talk on science education, in this case, about the environment and biodiversity.

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