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tranUSE is a multi platform Java software developed by the CAESCG to spatially interpret land cover and land use changes using processes defined by user. A change process is defined as the conversion of one land patch from a class of land cover-land use to another one. The tranUSE algorithm compares patch by patch the land cover-land use classes among two dates and assigns the corresponding change process previously defined by user. The output of tranUSE can be directly integrated in a GIS software for its visualizing.

The software may be used for all educational, management and research activities and may not be used for any commercial or for-profit purposes. The register number of the intellectual property is RTA-141-15. Andalusian Government.

The software is free download by clicking in this link. The zip archive contains different files such as .jar and .bat executable files, help file and examples.

The preferred reference for citing tranUSE in publications is: Requena-Mullor, J.M., Oyonarte, C., Castro, H. & Cabello, J. (2015). TranUSE: a Java application to spatially interpret land cover-land use changes based on processes defined by user. Spain. URL

tranUSE is currently under development and new implementations such as descriptive analysis based on the prior and posterior Bayesian probabilities of the change process occurred will come soon, therefore, please, periodically check for new versions of this software. Contact person: Juan M. Requena (


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