Summer Course 2021 edition: "Global Change and Pandemics"

Global change, understood as the set of dramatic environmental changes we are currently witnessing, has given rise to a new era in which the human species is facing the breakdown of the environmental conditions that ensure our well-being. This era has been called the Anthropocene, since it is the human species itself that, through its activities, is responsible for the dynamics of the planet.

Indeed, this and other pandemics that have appeared in the 21st century and have so far been fortunately controlled, such as the Nile virus, Ebola, or SARS, show us that the rates of emergence of emerging diseases may be increasing as a consequence of climate change, deforestation and the illegal trade in animal species.

Considering the relevance of this concept, and being aware of the need to inform and raise awareness in society to move towards more sustainable activities that do not degrade ecosystems and can minimize global health risks, we present this summer course "Global Change and Pandemics", which integrates perspectives to improve the knowledge of zoonoses, from the world of ecology, medicine and veterinary medicine. 

The course will address multiple aspects related to this problem, and for this purpose we will count on very prominent professionals from the fields of ecology, epidemiology and medicine.

We encourage you to register, we have designed it thinking that putting scientific knowledge at the service of society is a great help to understand the environmental context that will determine the development of societies in the XXI century. The course will be developed online.

If you want to know more, we leave you the link to the complete program, we are waiting for you!

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