Spain-Foreign Frontiers Cross-Border Cooperation Program

The CAESCG would like to share the achievement obtained in the last call of the POCTEFEX program: Cross Border Cooperation Program Spain - External Frontiers 2008-2013, informing that the two requested projects have been approved without budget reduction:

  • TRANSHABITAT PROJECT: Sustainable development of the cross-border area Red Natura 2000 and habitats of common interest Andalusia-Morocco.
  • ALBORAN PROJECT: Cross-border area of shared natural management.

Both have a duration of 24 months, with a start date of 01/01/2012 and an end date of 12/31/2013.

The principal investigator is Hermelindo Castro Nogueira and the total budget approved for CAESCG has been 440,000€ in the case of TRANSHABITAT and 51,500€ in ALBORAN, being the approved FEDER grant 75% of both amounts (330,000€ and 38,625€).

The TRANSHABITAT Project, with a total budget of 5,605,842 €, is led by the Directorate General for Sustainable Development and Environmental Information of the Ministry of Environment of the Andalusian Regional Government. A total of 7 Spanish beneficiaries and 3 Moroccan partners are participating.

The general objective of the TRANSHABITAT Project is to enhance the value of habitats of common interest for Andalusia and Morocco and to establish common management and conservation strategies as well as environmental priorities to be taken into account in socioeconomic and agricultural development. This will facilitate the elimination of the limitations in the design of measures related to habitats and species generated by geographical borders and will facilitate the irradiation of the philosophy of environmental management policies, socio-economic/agricultural/livestock development of the European Union towards its external borders with Morocco.

The ALBORAN Project, with a total budget of 1,425,240.68€, is also led by the same General Direction as TRANSHABITAT. In this case, a total of 4 Spanish beneficiaries, 1 partner and 2 Moroccan collaborators are participating.

The general objective of the ALBORAN Project is to implement a common environmental management procedure in the Alboran Sea area that facilitates the exchange of experiences among all actors and stakeholders in order to identify and unify priorities to improve the governance of the Alboran area and to define a strategy and implement an action plan that will serve as a model for the application of the Marine Strategy Directive.

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