Remote sensing in the monitoring of the Network of Natural Spaces

As a result of the advisory work carried out by the CAESCG for the development of a program to monitor the functioning of protected ecosystems in the National Parks Network based on the use of remote sensing tools, the "Guide for the incorporation of remote sensing in the monitoring of the National Parks Network" has been prepared.

The main objective of this program is to create an infrastructure for collecting, storing and processing data "in situ", in addition to its exchange with the Scientific Community, which will allow the development of a system for the evaluation and monitoring of the impacts that may be generated in the Spanish National Parks as a consequence of global change.

In addition, this program aims to create and maintain accessible databases for the inclusion of the data obtained, promote I&D&i in the field of global change assessment and channel a flow of aid to specific projects, disseminate and make the data and information obtained available to the public in general and to researchers in particular, and establish a meeting place and discussion forum for professionals working in the assessment and monitoring of the effects of global change.

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