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The Glocharid Project aims to design a system of environmental indicators for monitoring and assessing environmental effects of Global Change in arid and semiarid ecosystems of Andalucía. These effects are environmental issues caused by the impact of human activities which modify the earth’s capacity to support life. The project research areas include:

1)   Drivers of change (climate change, use land change, invasive plants and water contamination)

2)   Changes in ecosystems and biodiversity (flora, fauna, primary productivity, carbon balance and integrity of water and river systems)

3)   Management and sustainability (science-management interface, ecosystems services evaluation and natural heritage sustainable management)

This project involves 13 research groups from Almería University (UAL) and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and more than 50 environmental managers are collaborating too. Their results have been useful in identifying the key ecological processes which are being modified and the most relevant sustainability issues for society derived from this situation.

[table caption="GLOCHARID REPORTS" width="100%" colwidth="20|100|50" colalign="left|center|center|center|right"] Revision reports ;; Initial GLOCHARID report; [Preview]; [Download] Second GLOCHARID report; [Preview]; [Download] Second GLOCHARID attached; [Preview]; [Download] Third GLOCHARID report ; [Preview]; [Download] Fourth GLOCHARID report ; [Preview]; [Download] Fifth GLOCHARID report ; [Preview]; [Download] [/table]
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