The Alborán Sea is a common area between Morocco and Spain, an environment whose biodiversity doesn’t understand politics and borders. The water exchange between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean occurs in this area, which makes it one of the most environmentally wealthy places in the world, and benefits the citizens of both coasts. At the same time, it is a place with growing human activity, which makes it especially vulnerable and also endangers the sustainability of its productive systems.

The main objective of Alborán Project is to combine these aspects and focus on the ecosystemic. The project is being developed within the framework of the Cross-border Cooperation Program External Borders (POCTEFEX) Andalucía (SPAIN) – the Moroccan kingdom. It is coordinated by the Regional Ministry of Environmental and the Territory Planning and Regional Ministry of Agricultural, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalucian Government, the Mediterranean Cooperation Centre of UICN and Almería University in collaboration with the Marine Fisheries Department of Agricultural and the Fisheries Ministry of Morocco. Generally, the Alborán Project wants to push forward an environmental management process for the Alborán area which allows the exchange of experiences between all the stakeholders and groups of interest in order to identify and unify priorities to improve the governance in this sea basin.

CAESCG focuses on improving the knowledge about the global change effects in the Alborán Sea through several international meetings (presentations, bilateral and trilateral meetings) which allow us to make a proposal of indicators to provide monitoring of the Alborán Sea with a focus on the ecosystem. These meetings focus on carrying out a transfer of scientific knowledge, guaranteeing the extrapolation of scientific evidence in the field of management and to agree on joint indicators in order to follow Global Change in the Alborán Sea.

  • Scientific Presentation.  Presented to scientists and experts of both  coasts to agree an analytic model to implement in the Alborán Sea basin.
  • Science-Management bilateral meeting. The aim of the meeting is to coordinate Hispano-Morrocan scientist and managers to implement the ecosystemic  model in the Alborán Sea basin.
  • Trilateral Science-Management-Stakeholders meeting. This meeting is looking for an agreement between scientists, managers and stakeholders from both coasts to determine the indicators to provide monitoring of Global Change in the Alborán Sea  focusing on the ecosystem.

The results obtained will contribute to managing the basin  with an ecosystemic  focus and to achieving a good level of marine environment in line with the Marine Environmental Directive (Directive 2008/56/CE).



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