Collaborative knowledge for understanding and adaptation of global change

In collaboration with teachers from non-university educational centres, we are setting up a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course or CAEM, Curso Abierto en Línea Masivo) to promote interaction between students and teachers from all educational levels with the aim of generating collaborative knowledge related to global change adaptation. The CAESCG objective will be to give attractive, technical, scientific content that the users of MOOC could benefit from and which would contribute to their dynamism. We think that using this and another TIC tools will be useful to improve the students’ personal experience, to become collective and expanded in time and space. We hope this will improve the perception of change patterns of ecosystems over the last decades at a global level and their impact on the services provided to the people and, consequently, to our wellbeing.

The experience is developed in the framework of the “Analysis of the teaching-learning process in innovating formats” project, a researching and educational innovation project supported by the Ministry of Education of the Andalusian Regional Government.

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