Luis Vladimir Mora Andrade

PhD Student
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Luis Vladimir Mora Andrade

I studied at the State Technical University of Quevedo in Ecuador, I have a degree in Forestry Engineering and a Master's Degree in Environmental Sciences.

I have been an intern at the Herbarium of the Charles Darwin Station in 2007; Naturalist Guide No. 766 of the Galapagos National Park in 2009; hired as a technician in Environmental Quality in the Galapagos National Park 2010-2015 and as a teacher at the Central University of Ecuador 2015 is wildlife management and Quevedo State University 2016 in solid waste management. I conducted research related to the perception of the local community in San Cristobal- Galapagos Island in 2017-2018.

Since 2019 I am a student of the PhD Program in Environmental Sciences at the University of Almeria.


My research interests are focused on the local perception of biodiversity conservation and as an area of study in Galapagos. My lines of research are related to:

  • Biodiversity conservation and landscape management, i.e., beyond the boundaries of the protected area.
  • Perceptions of the local community on conservation issues

RESEARCH GROUP: Biodiversity, Ecology and Global Change.

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