Jaime René Lema Pillalaza

PhD Student
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Jaime René Lema Pillalaza

I have a Master's Degree in Environmental Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Ecological Tourism. I completed my third and fourth level professional training at the Universidad Central del Ecuador, in the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Educational Sciences, School of Biology and Chemistry. My experience as a teacher of secondary education, higher education and as an environmental consultant in the field with more than 10 years of experience conducting environmental impact studies for the floristic component in different productive activities that are being developed in the country has allowed me to know more closely the reality that the ecosystems of Ecuador are going through, which is the reason why I am studying the doctoral program in Applied Environmental Sciences at the University of Almeria. I am currently working at the Technical University of Cotopaxi, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, in the environmental engineering career. I teach the following subjects: Field and Laboratory Techniques, Environmental Epistemology, Environmental Culture and Communication, and in previous years I taught Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental Auditing, Ecosystem Management and Conservation, etc.


I am a professional who has been performing academic and research positions at the Technical University of Cotopaxi for 4 years, linked to the project "Germplasm Recovery in the Humid Forest of La Maná", which has as general objective: To recover wild germplasm with economic and environmental value for the purpose of recovery, environmental management and conservation of these phytogenetic resources.


  • Management
  • Conservation
  • Biodiversity
  • Germplasm


Germplasm recovery of plant species from the northwestern area of Cotopaxi province.

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