Hermelindo Castro Nogueira

Doctor in Biological Sciences
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Hermelindo Castro Nogueira

Hermelindo Castro Nogueira holds a PhD in Biological Sciences and is Professor of Ecology in the Department of Biology and Ecology at the University of Almeria. He has been coordinator of Environmental Sciences at this university; Provincial Director of the Environment Agency (1985-1994); General Director of the Network of Protected Natural Spaces of Andalusia (2000-2004); General Director of the Andalusian Water Institute (2004-2008) and Director of the Andalusian Center for the Evaluation and Assessment of Global Change from 2008 to February 2020.

His teaching and research dedication is linked to applied ecology and conservation biology. He is co-author of more than twenty books on Andalusian natural aspects and their representative ecosystems. He has published thirty papers in scientific journals and twelve popular science articles. Fifteen projects focused on applied ecology and natural resource management, nature conservation and the enhancement, among others, of Cabo de Gata until its conversion into Cabo de Gata Nijar Natural Park in 1985.



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