Ester Mora García

I+D+i Technical Support Staff
Acerca de

Ester Mora García

I studied at the University of Almeria (UAL) the Degree in Environmental Sciences (2012-2016) and the Master in Biotechnology by the branch of Agrifood (2016-2017). In 2018-2019 I worked as Technical Support Staff I+D+i by the National Youth Guarantee System in the Andalusian Center for the Evaluation and Assessment of Global Change (CAESCG) at the University of Almeria (UAL), and currently, since March 2021, I exercise again the same position.


I support the tasks to be performed at CAESCG, both field trips for monitoring and sampling and processing of samples in the laboratory, as well as the realization of various scientific works within the LIFE Adaptamed project.


Within my occupation as support staff to the center during these years, I have participated in national projects such as CO-ADAPTA and European projects such as LIFE Adaptamed and The Green Link.

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