Daniela Alba Patiño

PhD Student - Sustainability, Resilience and Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems

Daniela Alba Patiño

I studied Environmental Engineering at El Bosque University in Bogota, Colombia and later obtained a scholarship for a Master in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services at the University of Almeria (UAL). I am currently pursuing a PhD in Applied Environmental Sciences at the UAL.

Previously I have worked as a research technician at CAESCG associated with the LIFE The GreenLink project, conducting biophysical and social assessments on the provision of ecosystem services in arid and semi-arid areas of the Mediterranean, which had gone through a process of restoration, as a measure of adaptation to climate change. Since the end of 2020 I am a UAL fellow (FPU Contract) and I develop my research at the CAESCG and SOCIECOS Lab. I also teach Field Techniques and Data Analysis in the Environmental Sciences Degree at UAL.


My research interests focus on understanding biodiversity conservation challenges through the social-ecological systems framework and the valuation of ecosystem services.

RESEARCH GROUP: Sustainability, Resilience and Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems (RNM-933) 


  • Ecosystem services
  • Socio-ecological systems
  • Biodiversity conservation

LIFE The GreenLink

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