Our CAESCG colleagues don't stop!!

Our colleague and PhD student at CAESCG, Montse Escudero Clares, attended during the 25th, 26th and 27th the "Seminar on Remote Sensing Applied to Territorial Monitoring of Ecosystems" at the facilities of CENEAM, the National Center for Environmental Education, in Valsaín, Segovia, held in the surroundings of the Guadarrama National Park, and organized by the Directorate General for Biodiversity, Forests and Desertification (DGBBD) of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO).

The seminar was aimed at disseminating the new project "Ecosystem Monitoring System (EIKOS)", in addition to exchanging knowledge on these topics, with the purpose of generating an environment of feedback of knowledge and experiences on remote sensing applications among the different organizations that make use of them, in order to positively address all the challenges that may arise from the storage, processing and subsequent analysis of data from Copernicus.

In short, the importance of remote sensing for ecosystem monitoring was emphasized and it is necessary to focus efforts on this branch of knowledge in order to achieve this common objective.

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