News from Diario de Almería about the age of the Pulpí Geode.

The University of Almeria has, among its many research groups, one called "Water Resources and Environmental Geology" (whose researchers José María Calaforra Chordi, group leader, Ángel Fernández Cortés and Fernando Gázquez Sánchez, are part of our center, the CAESCG), who have determined in their latest research findings the age of the gypsum crystals of the world-known geological formation, the Giant Geode of Pulpí, at nothing more and nothing less than 165,000 years!

In addition, they obtained results that establish that only rainwater was involved in the chemical origin of this geological monument, results published in the journal Geosciences. (

If you want to know more about the news, we leave you the link to it:

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