New finding about the Giant Geode of Pulpí

Our researchers Fernando Gázquez, Ángel Fernández-Cortés and José María Calaforra together with collaborators Ana Monteserín and Christina Obert, have recently published in their latest research work a finding that further enhances the importance of the giant geode of Pulpí, entitled "The Absolute Age and Origin of the Giant Gypsum Geode of Pulpí (Almería, SE Spain)", a study in which they have obtained results of the style of the first ages of the gypsum crystals of this geode and the reconstruction of the oxygen and hydrogen isotope composition of the Pulpí paleo-aquifer.

This geode is unique on a worldwide scale due to its dimensions, size, perfection and transparency of its crystals, as established by some authors, and that is why, through these research works, whose purpose is to safeguard this natural jewel, it will be possible to know even more data and curiosities of this geological formation, which will contribute to its better conservation and management as a unique heritage worldwide.

Congratulations on this scientific breakthrough!!

The article can be consulted at the following link.

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