Natural Heritage, Biodiversity and Global Change Foundation

The Natural Heritage, Biodiversity and Global Change Foundation is a private, non-profit entity based in Almería University by an agreement signed in 2008 between the Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment Department and the Environment and Land Planning Department of Andalusia Government.

The Foundation is the legal side of the Andalusian Centre for Assessment and Monitoring of Global Change. This Centre does its research as a University Centre of Research within the scientific structure of Almería University.

The main objective of the Foundation is to contribute to the development of Andalusian strategy for mitigation and adaptation of Global and Climatic Changes through transfer of knowledge resulting in its research to administrations concerned, as well as the dissemination and outreach to interest groups that shape our society, business network and society at large, to promote collective behaviour that will make us jointly responsible for fighting and adaptation of Global and Climate Change.

The transfer of results from R&D+i will help to redirect environmental management policy in a changing world, using protected areas as laboratories and observatories to try out dynamic and adaptive management models. To do that, the Foundation promotes Global Change, Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Research in Andalusia by making and/or taking part in R&D+i projects which will contribute to develop the business activity in Andalusia related to sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity, and environmental administrations support identifying and monitoring Global Change processes which affect Mediterranean ecosystems, specially arid and semiarid ones, to create a sustainable strategy facing global change and loss of biodiversity and natural heritage.

The aim of the Foundation is to promote training activities which contribute to the training of scientists and technicians doing research into natural heritage, biodiversity and global change.

The Foundation promotes biodiversity, natural heritage and sustainable development by the achievement of outreach activities, awareness and environmental campaigns focused on Andalusian society at large and disseminating scientific production and research.

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