"Local Environmental Management" Training Course

The CAESCG and ECOMIMESIS are organizing the "Local Environmental Management" training course aimed mainly at students and graduates of environmental science degrees such as Environmental Sciences, Biology or Geology and engineering associated with agriculture.

Its objective is to bring university students closer to the reality of environmental management through the main plans, programs and projects available to local administrations. The course offers a theoretical contextualization of these programs but gives an essential weight to identify the potentialities and complications that arise in the application, so that in the future these professionals will find it easier to successfully develop any action of local sustainability.

It also offers the opportunity to participate to personnel who are already working in municipalities and are interested in having a global vision of local environmental management, in a more holistic and updated way. In this case, the objective is to help them develop the enormous potential of resources, possibilities and potentials for sustainable management that local administration has at its disposal.

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