Historical Digital Orthophotography of Andalusia 1956-2007

We invite you again to visit the blog with the excuse of the reception of the provincial DVD collection corresponding to the publication "Historical Digital Orthophography of Andalusia 1956-2007. Half a century of changes in Andalusia". Each provincial DVD contains the Orthophotography from the historical flight of 1956 and a current Orthophotography from a flight of 2007, accompanied by complementary information (Satellite image as regional reference, Digital Elevation Model, Natural Spaces and Basic Cartography).

These contents can be consulted with a computer application that allows both Orthophotographs to be viewed simultaneously in different modes (2D, 2.5D and 3D). This allows a multitemporal analysis of the territory and to appreciate the evolution in the half century that separates both images 1956 and 2007, in terms of changes in the territory as well as in the evolution of the conservation actions.

Finally, please note that this DVD collection will be available at the Center (not on the ftp server) where you can copy it and it will also be available on the Junta de Andalucía's web version.

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