Hermelindo Castro Nogueira

Hermelindo Castro Nogueira is Doctor of Biological Sciences and Professor of Ecology in the Biology and Ecology Department of Almería University. He has been the coordinator of Environmental Sciences at this university; the Provincial Director of the Environmental Agency (1985-1994); General Director of the network of Protected Andalusian Natural Areas (2000-2004); General Director of the Andalusian Water Institute (2004-2008) and Director of the Andalusian Centre of Assessment and Monitoring of Global Change since 2008.

His teaching and research commitment is linked to applied ecology and conservation biology. He is the co-author of more than twenty books about Andalusian natural aspects and its representative ecosystems. He has published thirty papers in scientific journals and twelves articles of scientific dissemination. Fifteen projects focused on applied ecology and the management of natural resources, nature conservation and valuing, among others, Cabo de Gata until it became Cabo de Gata Níjar Natural Park in 1985.

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