Forest Agroecosystems in Andalusia and the Maghreb

agroecosistemas forestales en Andalucía y el Magreb

Mediterranean agroecosystems are the result of the action and selection that humans have historically carried out in this part of the world. Their very composition, always diverse, provides us with a space of crossroads. Between the local and the global, public and private management, between the market and its various forms of patrimonializing nature. The importance of a complex and multidisciplinary analysis, from the point of view of different academic disciplines (engineering, biology, ecology, zoology, geography, anthropology,…) is a task that becomes urgent nowadays, in a liminal space that presents certain economic, political, climatic pressures… that make it especially vulnerable. Its environmental value is related not only to the ecophysical, botanical, zoological characteristics, etc… but also to the specific cultural ties of the populations they link. In this sense, it is essential that from the analysis of these realities, concrete proposals are articulated that are capable of dynamizing the socio-ecological environments in order to propose assertive forms of intervention for the maintenance of these realities. The presence of not only academics and researchers from different Mediterranean universities, but also from research centers or private initiatives, are key to promote this initiative.

Within the framework of the Cross-Border Campus of the Strait of Gibraltar project, defined within one of the fundamental lines of the internationalization strategy of CEI CamBio, the conference "Forest Agroecosystems in Andalusia and the Maghreb" is conceived as a meeting point for researchers, research groups and organizations in Andalusia or the Maghreb that are interested in cooperation on the different dimensions and problems related to these Mediterranean forest socioecosystems. The aim of this conference is to meet and propose lines of work to try to converge in a joint project that will allow us to make the most of the knowledge of the participants and their academic and professional interests. It is a commitment from the cooperation to formulate strategies that provoke alliances in research to apply analysis and results on both shores.

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