Exhibition "Posidonia 100% Mediterranean" at the University of Almeria

The exhibition "Posidonia 100% Mediterranean", after more than two years touring the Andalusian coastline, is approaching the university community of Almeria and will be on display in the hall of the Aulario IV of the University of Almeria from May 21 to 29.

This exhibition consists of a different and attractive space for the public, where visitors can "dive" almost literally in a meadow of Posidonia oceanica, one of the most important ecosystems of our seabed, and that has in the province of Almeria with more than 90% of the meadows of the Andalusian Mediterranean.

Visitors will be able to live an experience that will allow them to discover the diversity and richness of its fauna and the worrying situation that the prairies of our coastline are going through. We will discuss the problem of this emblematic marine plant and propose solutions, discovering how each of us can do our bit with simple but powerful actions in our daily lives.

GUIDED VISITS FOR GROUPS and COLLECTIVES (prior registration and time reservation): The visit to the exhibition is completely free and will last approximately 45 minutes. The entire visit will be attended by our educators, guiding you through the exhibition, after which there will be an interpretive and participatory talk with those interested. Each group cannot be formed by more than 25 people.

Registration and reservations at: divulga.lifeposidonia@gmail.com. Phone: 635708354 (María).

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