Conference Blogs, education and scientific activity: teaching by learning

Dr. Juan José Ibáñez Martí, Senior Scientist at the Desertification Research Center (CSIC - Universitat de València) presents this conference in his blog "Un Universo invisible bajo nuestros pies" (An invisible Universe under our feet) ((, with the following words taken from his blog: "Teaching by Learning: Blogging Teaching and Scientific Activity". He will try, after a brief introduction to the world of the blogosphere and its importance in teaching, to show how getting involved in such matters, finally ends up changing you: way of thinking and perceiving and explaining science.

If this medium has any originality, it lies in the interaction between the readers and the writer. That's all there is to it! It is also true that, by observing the number of visits received by each post and trying out new ones, I began to see which ones aroused more interest. Mutatis mutandis, my way of understanding, assimilating and explaining soil science changed radically.

"I know that all this experience will translate, sooner or later into a book that tries to show that there are other ways to understand and instruct in soil science. But in the meantime, the least I can and should do is to share my experiences with all those crazy people who want to listen to them".

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