CAESCG will be part of the International Long Term Ecological Monitoring Network ILTER

The annual meeting of the LTER Spain network, which in turn belongs to the International Network for Long-Term Ecological Monitoring ILTER, took place last Thursday, May 22nd in Granada. The reason for being of this network is to standardize and make visible databases from anywhere in the world, in order to promote the generation of collaborative and globalized scientific knowledge. The CAESCG, as a node of the Andalusian Network of Global Change Observatories, presented its candidacy to be part of this network as a LTSER Platform. The most outstanding particularity of this type of platforms is that beyond looking at natural systems from a traditional ecological perspective, they add a socio-economic dimension, which allows the integration of traditionally dissociated approaches.

Submission of applications for membership in the International Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Network

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