CAESCG members take their knowledge across frontiers!!

José María Calaforra, Professor of Geology at our Center and director of the "Water Resources and Environmental Geology" Research Group, transferred his scientific and research experience in the field of Underground Environmental Protection to the 36th Brazilian Congress of Speleology-CBE.

The overall objective of this congress was to disseminate information about the importance of caves and karst ecosystems for society in general, in commemoration of the International Year of Caves and Karst UNESCO-UIS, a subject in which José María is an expert. One of the examples of success that he presented during the congress was that of the Giant Geode of Pulpí, a geo-resource of incalculable value on a worldwide scale and that we have here, in Almería.

His participation took place in one of the round tables, where the topic of "Conservation of the Speleological Heritage, its advances and new challenges" was discussed together with other speakers. He also gave a presentation on surveillance, protection, research and sustainable tourism in the subway environment.

In general, he contributed his knowledge of caves and karst ecosystems in other territories to further deepen the protection of these ecosystems, which are so particular and at the same time so important for the natural balance of the planet.

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